Inside Out and Outside In: Glass Casting course at The Glass Hub, March 27th-30th

  • On February 25, 2014 ·
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Mysterious Conjunction

This four day course aims to introduce students to the principles of glass casting and the use of found objects, textures and forms as building blocks for creativity in glass sculpture.
Max Jacquard uses simple exercises such as the “personal drinking vessel” to start students on a new thinking process using a variety of materials as creative tools.
This then builds into a language suited to diverse individual ways of working, whether for art or design based ends. During the course we will cover silicone mould making, wax techniques including dipping and collage, how to create veiling and bubbles, glass preparation and colour effects, kiln programming and aspects of health and safety in the studio. The trials and tribulations of running a business in kiln forming as well as Max’s own work will also feature in a series of informal lectures and discussions.

Solution vessel

Mysterious Conjunction: detail of ‘Solution’ vessel


Mysterious Conjunction: detail of ‘Nigredo’ vessel

Cost £450 includes basic materials. Discount for returning students.

Ring  The Glass Hub on (01225 768888) or visit the Glass Hub website for more details.