Exhibitions in Bavaria: Neunburg Vorm Wald, Amberg, and Zwiesel

From the 9th of August, Max will be showing work at three events throughout Bavaria, including participation in the Künstlersymposium in Amberg. Please see below for all details including dates and links to event websites.

9th August- 5th October, International Glastage Exhibition, Zwiesel, Bavaria.

cast glass piece of a young boy's arm with the residue of an ivy root running through it.

This piece was made from a cast of my son Jesse’s arm and an ivy root. I wanted to create that combination of man and nature in one object but also to give it that visceral edge that reminds us of veins and blood flow. the gesture that is captured here contains certain Art Historical references and is a symbolic reaching out toward the future. ‘What future?’

16th and 17th August, The Glass Exhibition, Neunburg Vorm Wald, Bavaria.

Bubble-wrapped Square cut Decanter

18th-23rd August, The Künstlersympoium in the KunstKombinat, Amberg, Bavaria,