The Art of the State – Pâte de Verre

In Issue 54 of Glass Network, Max interviews and discusses the work of prominent glass artists working with the fascination practice of pâte de verre. While initially released only to members of the Contemporary Glass Society, we now have a digital version that can be read here: GlassNetworkArticle.

Included in the article are pieces and insights from the following artists who are working in the unique practice of pâte de verre:

Margaret AlstonMare SaareKaren Lise KrabbeAnne PettersSylvie VandenhouckeKristiina Uslar and Anja Isphording

Karen Lise Krabbe Fotograf Jens H. Petersen (9)

Karen Lise Krabbe

7 Margaret Alston Green speckled pate de verre bowl 2005

Margaret Alston

Kristiina Uslar_Layers_2012_25x25cm

Kristiina Uslar

In addition to this article on Pâte de Verre is an inspiring video on the structure of real glass sponges from the deepest and darkest surface of the oceans which can be viewed here.