Quipau dress: Impression of a Goddess

A permanent installation for Shanghai International Fashion Education Centre (SIFEC)

This project was a collaboration between Max Jacquard with SprinG and SIFEC to create a ‘Leitmotif’ for their new headquarters in the centre of Shanghai. The original design by Max employs a traditional Quipao dress in its ‘off-the-shoulder’ evening gown form. Our initial experiments used coloured glass frits to create a gradual fade from deep blue to clear with an overlay of delicate white Jasmine flowers. The actual dress model was made up to specification in Shanghai and sent to England for a 3D copy in silicone and fiberglass. This copy became the basis for moulds to slump over the pre-prepared coloured glass panels. The moulded glass fabric was collaged and stitched together with non-tarnish silver thread to create a glass patchwork that hangs from the acrylic stand. When completed the dress took it’s place in a bespoke glass case, seeming to float like a spirit figure that leaves her impression on the fabric but cannot be seen.