The Semazens ———The latest in a long line of core cast sculptures, these forms are based on the spinning forms of the Sufi Dervishes and the oscillations of AM radio waves.

They start life as a  plaster model turned on the lathe which is converted into a series of silicone master moulds. The silicone is used as a basis for casting a multi-piece investment mould that is ‘locked together’ to create a form that would be otherwise impossible to achieve, Like a ship in a bottle the glass casts around a fully three dimensional core that is removed only by dissolving and flushing away the material after the glass has cooled. After careful polishing the core is fully revealed as a pulsating ribbon of light inside a large ovoid waveform.

Cast in a range of different colours with bronze mounts and a natural stone base, each Semazen is a unique exploration of the forms of sound waves captured in Optical crystal.