Special projects in Glass is a partnership of three individuals with a fresh approach to studio glass. Max Jacquard, Mimi Norrgren and Jeff Rogers combine a depth of knowledge in the traditional glass crafts of casting, slumping and fusing with innovation in design, mould making and finishing techniques. These core disciplines are enhanced by other materials and technologies to achieve high quality solutions to a wide range of creative challenges.

S.pr.in.G functions as both platform and energy source for constantly evolving projects, both individual and collective. Approaching each task from a flexible and open-minded perspective S.pr.in.G allows space for personal creative freedom within a group dynamic.

Special projects range from personal sculptural editions to large-scale spatial sculpture, lighting, installation and architectural commissions. SprinG’s combined strengths allow it to encompass the diverse fields of art-based and design-led practice, adapting our considerable technical skills to all kinds of conceptual start points.

S.pr.in.G seeks to breathe new life into art glass practice.

Links to projects:

Endless Column of Light

Music of the Spheres

Kaolin Block


Music of the Spheres   Max_Mimi_Jeff_Rob_Gina_klein  unnamed