The Endless Column of Light: A sculpture that works with the constant flow of water over optical glass surfaces and is inspired by the “Endless Column” of Constantin Brancusi.
In keeping with the revolutionary idea of Brancusi, Spr.In.G has created a spatial marker using a repetition of Rhomboid forms suggesting an upward movement reaching up towards infinity. The crisp external double cone contains an internal void of a spiraling texture that is constantly altered by the smooth optics of the exterior and the position of the viewer. The sculpture operates on a time-based principle as the water rises up the column and spills over the lip of the top block to cascading down over the outer surfaces and causing the glass to become wetted and crisply transparent.
Brancusi believed that his sculptures should not only generate their own space but also to absorb the space around them. With this in mind, Spr.In.G honours Brancusi’s concept through their Endless Column of Light which is designed to absorb and reflect surrounding light. The fountain’s organic, internal form is revealed by the intensity and changing direction of light and the continuous passage of water. Throughout the day the work will be altered due to the flow of water over its surface and the visual perspective of the visitors to the garden as they move around the column.
Materials: Cast glass, metal fixings, pump system, water.

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endlesscolumnoflight_7211Endless Column of Light