A project in location based cast glass

There are times along the way when we find ourselves in places that are special. These could be deemed sacred within a particular faith as in the resting place of a saint, or perhaps the site of a natural wonder like an ancient tree or a spring. It’s not just the location or the detail in a landscape that makes a place holy: the atmosphere, the sense of history and the journey – the pilgrimage – to and from that place contribute to the experience.

Over the past year Max Jacquard studio has sought out some of these sacred places. We have extracted impressions from the landscape with our portable casting kit to capture a series of vignettes. Back in the studio the flexible moulds are used as the basis for glass castings, fixing the copied textural reliefs and transforming them into a series of sculptural forms cast in crystal.

Many of the castings use natural textures such as the bark of a tree or moss growing beside a pool, some contain traces of human activity such as a carved text or the remains of a camp fire, all are authentic impressions marking a point in space and time.



ancientyeewtree_detail2 ancientyeewtree_detail72


bettyhealing3_72 bettyhealing_72






Photography: Katarina Tamova